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Did You Know ? - Game Rescheduling Procedures

Did you know that if a game needs to be re-scheduled a number of people need to be made aware as early as possible?

The following people should be notified when a game cannot be completed on the scheduled date/ time as follows:

    For Home games only:
  • Referee Coordinator – needs to assign a referee for the new date/time and update the BAYS scheduling system accordingly
  • Field Operations – needs to ensure a field is available. Makeup games can be scheduled for a different time on a Saturday, or scheduled on a practice day. If on a practice day, another coach may need to be asked to move their practice session. S.C. Norfolk has limited days/times when we are guaranteed exclusive use of the fields, so this needs to be coordinated.
    For either Home or Away games:
  • BAYS Section Captain – a courtesy notification only if the date will alter. Otherwise they will expect a report of scores
  • BAYS Division Director – a courtesy notification only if the date will alter. BAYS have timeframe requirements for makeup games (see section 9 of the Rule book on BAYS website), or they may need to make a determination if coaches cannot agree on a mutually convenient date.

S.C. Norfolk will be fined by BAYS if a game is deemed our forfeit.

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