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Links to resources

There is massive amount of excellent free coaching information available on the internet. Many sites offer written plans while the newer video sites have a rapidly growing set of free instructional videos.

Successful coaches do the following:

  • Plan practices in advance and structure as follows:
    • Warm-up
      • Warm-up activity 1
      • Warm-up activity 2
    • Main body
      • Activity 1
      • Activity 2
    • Game (doesn't always have to be a scrimmage)
      • Game activity 1
      • Game activity 2
  • Choose a main topic/theme for the whole practice (ex: passing). All practice activities should support the main topic/theme
  • Choose age appropriate activities that teach the chosen topic
  • Choose activities that are efficient
  • Adjust activities through each iteration as needed to accomplish goals
  • No laps, no lines, no lectures
  • Create a fun learning environment


Here are some resources that our coaches have found to be very helpful....

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (practice plans by age):

Decatur Sports Soccer Drills (drills, practice plans and articles):

Footy4kids (drills, practice plans and articles):

Dutch inspired activities (an illustrative description of Law 11 -Offside, send this to your 8v8 team!): (do a search for 'soccer drill'):

UEFA Training Ground (drills and demonstrations):

NSCAA Coaching Tips:

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