S.C. Norfolk is designating the new role of ‘Team Parent’ as a volunteer position for each team.

Each team will have S.C. Norfolk operational responsibilities to ensure the volunteer workloads are more evenly distributed among families

At the start of each season, the head coach will solicit one parent from the team to be the ‘Team Parent’.

The Team Parent coordinates the specific activities associated with the team as follows:



  • Ensure fields are clean after each game
    • Ensure any trash left behind is collected and disposed
    • Collect any items of clothing left behind and issue an email to identify owner
  • Coordinate Field Lining as required for the scheduled date. The SCN Volunteer Coordinator will designate the date(s) that each team will have field lining responsibilities
    • Each team will need to line their field for at least one of their home games
    • Field lining responsibilities are distributed as equally as possible among SCN teams
  • Produce the schedule for bringing refreshments/oranges at game half-time
  • Solicit volunteers from the team for designated special events
    • Banquet
    • Norfolk Community day
    • Other events as held by S.C. Norfolk
  • Coordinate an end of season team party/celebration if desired
  • Act as liaison between the Coach and team for communications
  • Team website administration as necessary on www.norfolksoccer.com
    • Maintain the game schedule
    • Recording of game results
    • Uploading of photo’s taken during games

A document containing this description is available here Team Parent Responsibilities Document