Can I attend Board meetings?

There is one public board meeting held each year where you may attend and gain further insight into S.C. Norfolk or present ideas, ask questions, etc. This meeting is advertised in advance either by flyer, letter mailed to your address, or in our newsletter. You may also attend other scheduled Board meetings upon request if there is something you want to raise or discuss. However you may attend for that agenda item only.

What is the relationship between Norfolk Lions Soccer, S.C. Norfolk, and King Phillip Soccer Association?

There is no formal relationship between any of the organizations, and any communication or coordination is on an 'as-needed' basis.

What is the difference between S.C. Norfolk and Norfolk Soccer?

The name S.C. Norfolk (Soccer Club of Norfolk) applies to our everyday activities, however the organization name is still Norfolk Soccer League Inc. for legal and accounting purposes.

What is the difference between Travel Soccer and S.C. Norfolk?

Travel soccer is a term commonly used by people for the soccer program provided by S.C. Norfolk. It is a term used to indicate inter-town competition, and having to ‘travel’ to these towns. Distance traveled will vary depending on the division/section your team participates, but is always within the Boston Area – and usually within the East to South East region bounded by Interstate 495. Additionally, Travel soccer programs have residency requirements. Players must reside in or attend school in the town represented by the Travel soccer organization.

What is the difference between Club Soccer and Travel Soccer/S.C. Norfolk?

In Massachusetts, Club soccer is the next step for passionate soccer players/families that want team based year-round training and competition.

The value of club soccer is usually related to access to higher levels of coaching (professional coaches), year-round soccer, opportunities to play at a higher levels of competition, and exposure to various venues (in and out of the state). It is typically through soccer clubs where older aged players get recognition and exposure to college opportunities and access to college coaches and scouts.

Club soccer is not for every soccer player or soccer parent. Most soccer clubs only consider players who have a passion for the game, are coachable, and can commit to year-round training. Players must attend public tryouts (held annually in June) to be evaluated and considered for a team. The most popular teams may have 60+ players trying out for a team of 18. Over the years, some of the area clubs have become quite large and are now offering multiple teams for some age levels. In these cases, the top teams are their best teams and the others are developmental.

Parental Commitment is equally as important as player commitment. Parents cannot be looking for the "silver bullet". They must understanding that a player's development is not instantaneous but occurs over many seasons of proper instruction and play along with positive reinforcement from parents and coaches.

Costs can range from $1000 to $3000+ for 1 year of team membership. The amounts vary widely and families need to understand what is/is not included with each club's fees.

In Massachusetts, the great majority of the Club soccer organizations compete in the Massachusetts Premier Soccer League (MAPLE or the Massachusetts Soccer Conference (MASC - Of the two, MAPLE is the most competitive. To find an area club, please visit the league websites.

What are the levels of youth soccer in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, there are 4 basic levels of youth soccer in practice. Each of these can overlap with each other to a degree, but the following basic tiers exist in Massachusetts:

  1. Recreational Soccer (local non-competitive soccer programs)
    • Everyone plays
    • Blended equal strength teams (unisex or co-ed) formed from scratch for each session
    • Teams of similar age play each of in non-competitive format
    • Teams may occasionally play like teams from nearby towns
    • Volunteer coaches
    • Commitment by season
    • Two sessions per year
    • Low cost (~$100/session)
  2. Travel Soccer (SC Norfolk)
    • Everyone plays (unless a team cannot be formed within club's team size guidelines)
    • Teams are formed by age/skill from scratch for each session
    • Teams play in a travel soccer league for their town's area (ex: Boston Area Youth Soccer - BAYS -
    • Competitive play
    • Town residency requirement
    • Travel to play teams from other towns (often no farther than nearby communities)
    • Volunteer coaches
    • Commitment by season
    • Up to four sessions per year
    • Low cost (~$100 to ~$150 per session)
  3. Club Soccer
    • Players must tryout for a team and can only join after being extended an offer from the club
    • Teams are formed per age/skill (number and age of teams vary by club)
    • Team member are selected by coaching staff
    • Teams play in Club soccer leagues. Locally Massachusetts Premier Soccer League( and Massachusetts Soccer Conference (
    • Professional/semi-professional coaches
    • Required player commitment
    • Commitment is for a soccer year (July through June)
    • High cost (~$1000 to $3000+ per year)
  4. Other Levels
    • Regional and National Olympic Development Program (ODP)
    • Elite regional and national Club leagues (ex: DAP, ECNL, Super-Y)